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October 25th, 2016

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Natasha Henstridge never strike me as a shy woman even if she has said it in some of her one on one interviews because of this leaked sex tape she may have been so unaware of until now. Masturbating on the bed, flashing her massive tits and giving head outdoors? Definitely not shy, rather, she’s one hell of a hardcore bitch who you may expect to do more than just flash those breasts and suck cocks in public transportation. She ain’t no human-alien hybrid alright as we know these wild schemes of celebrities so well.

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June 8th, 2016

After three failed marriages, feisty blondie Natasha Henstridge doesn’t feel like going back into dating anytime soon. Instead, she went for the more fun and carefree side of being single and this is to have fun with no strings attached, casual sex all the way, on whatever time she likes and however she wanted it. She’s now in full control of her sexual desires and she has never felt so good about herself and what she can do in bed until now, she admits. And she was saying this while caressing her interviewer’s crotch with her sexy foot. Can only imagine what happened after that. But we have this leaked clip of hers that would give as a clear idea as to how hardcore she can get when she thinks nobody is watching her sexcapades. She’s into BBCs and by the looks of it, seeing her eyes grow wide while this naked dude is waving his cock an inch away from her face, she’s hungry for the black meat.

She enjoyed the naughty hotel fuck by making this ripped jock fuck her in that mouth, her wet pussy, and for the finale, a nice and rough go at her tight bunghole. She was squirming and moaning wildly with every thrust that this man is seemingly getting recharged at the slightest moan she makes in bed. And we are lucky to see her get drenched with some sticky spunk, just another way to say that this black man is really fired up while banging the shit out of her to cum that much in the end and they were actually expected to finish with the show in a few minutes more. But, heck, Henstridge has that effect on men, I guess.

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Natasha Henstridge Totally Naked

July 30th, 2010

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Smoldering hot actress Natasha Henstridge first earned fame- to say nothing of notoriety- as Sil, the human-alien clone with a deadly need to mate and reproduce in Species. Due to the strenuous demands of her character, the blonde, willowy Natasha was required to spend much of the film totally naked, something that inspired plenty of testosterone-laced men’s magazine profiles but little chance for critical respect. However, this Canadian model-turned-actress persevered, gradually finding work in films that focused on her verbal skills rather than her ability to shed her clothing.

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Originally hailing from Springdale, Newfoundland, Natasha grew up in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. She left home at age fourteen to pursue a modeling career, she moved to Paris, eventually becoming successful enough to grace the cover of French Cosmopolitan when she was only fifteen. Natasha also appeared in ads for Oil of Olay and Lady Stetson, but she soon realized that she was meant for a more creatively stimulating calling. Natasha  is known for her confident intimate or sex scenes with her co-actors, example of which can be seen in Species  or Steal. Whether her starring role in Species could be deemed creatively stimulating is arguable, but it did provide Henstridge with her breakthrough.

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